Monday, May 10, 2010

Project- View from the Lens (Storyboard v2.5 B)

Thesis Statement:
My animation is a study of metaphor in film noir style. The narrative is a morality tale that shows the weakness and ultimate demise of inner corruption in that it reviles the non-corrupt.
In this story, the reporter Oba represents the world's media. After reporting the corruption in every corner of the world he becomes the best in his business, therefore, when he saw the plant which symbolizes non-corruption, freedom, truth, freedom of speech and expression, Oba’s afraid that people will stop reading his news, so he decided to revile it. Ironically, the person who reveals the corruption finally becomes corrupted. It really reflects a line in the Batman; Dark Knight (2009), "you either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain."

1. The newspaper on the wall in the beginning, is showing that Oba is the best reporter at the moment, everyone digs his news. He represents the world's media.
2. The flower still symbolized something. Something likes peace, freedom... the bright side of the world (optimism). The things that the media doesn't want people to see and think.
3. Therefore, the reporter Oba wants to kill the flower because it doesn't belong there. Whether the flower dies or not, it won't change the flow of the story. The flower is like a hidden message.
The main story is that Oba is trying to kill the flower, which is like the media is trying to hide the truth.

I really didn't want to put a specific meaning for the flower, like the flower in Jiri Trnka's film "The hand" it didn't really tell what it's symbolizing, but it definitely means something that the artist was trying to save.
But if I have to, I would say it should mean “freedom”, and “truth”.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Tito Huang said...

a 3D version will be out.... hopefully b4 October 2010! > <