Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project- View from the Lens (Treatment) v2

View from the Lens
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Alberto Jen-Yan Huang
January 17th 2010


Premise- Some truth can only be understood by one-self. 
              Not all Journalists are telling the truth; in fact, some are liars. 

Mr. Oba is a freelance photographer/journalist. He is short, fat, and has a unique half-egg shaped body. He is calm and thoughtful, who cares about the world. Mr. Oba takes pictures anywhere he goes, so that one day he can share them with the world.

The most skilled roof top diving photographer is unveiling a whole new truth of the world. 
No matter how difficult the circumstances are Mr. Oba wanted to reveal as much truth to the unknown world as he could with his camera. He always has a way to accomplish the mission. This time Oba went to the other side of the humanity in which the world of outlaw exists. He hopes to gather the finest images in the criminal town to show the world.

-One afternoon, Oba climbed to the rooftop of a building that seemed to be the filthiest in town. He then took out his tools and prepared himself…and jumped!

-Down Oba goes. During his fall, the shutter and flash continued. The first couple of shots weren’t as clear as he had expected. He continued on until the timing was correct. As he got the right set of timing, the audiences began to see the pictures clearly.

- Oba climbed back up, looked down, took a couple of steps to the left, adjusted himself to this new row of windows and this time, threw himself off the balcony! Every shots he took with this fall were perfect evidence of law breaking materials that he hoped for: Terrorists, Homicide, Mad Scientist, Drug Abuse…and so on.

-Suddenly during his fall, Oba fell through a glimpse of yellow green light. A light of life was what he felt. He thinks that such thing cannot exist in this town and so he assumed his camera flash broke down and gave it a little knock on the side.
*The light of life will be portrayed by using a healthy growing plant, mixed with ray of warm light.

-While Oba gave his camera a few more knocks, a couple of flashes went off and he felt the light of hope again. Oba again thinks that such thing shouldn’t exist in this wrecked town. And this was something he did not want people to know about. Oba climbs back to the floor with the plant, slowly reaching his hand closer to the stem of the living plant and bend it. All of a sudden the light of hope disappeared. Oba slowly lowered himself to other floors.
*Cold creepy ambience noise gets louder and louder in the room

-While he lowers himself to the other floors, he checked on the camera to make sure all the shots of life he captured were deleted. After deleting just a couple of shots, his camera showed “0 files”. He took a closer look of the camera screen, and all he saw was  “0 file” and a black screen showing his reflection. The more attention he pays to see his reflection from the screen, the more he sees of a green vine wrapping around him. He looked at himself and nothing was on it. He found it strange and immediately looked back. This time he saw himself completely wrapped around by the vine. Suddenly he felt a force pulling him into the darkness. The next thing he knew, he was trapped inside his camera, falling and falling down into darkness.
-Until a sound was heard. The thudding sound from the camera, signifying it hit the ground plane of a building. A dark figure showed up. Someone in the area witnessed everything. The unknown character picked up the camera and saw a glimpse of Oba banging on the glass. The image wasn’t very clear because the screen is cracked. 

-The unknown character slowly walked away into the far distance and threw the camera into the trashcan.
*The End.

Project View from the Lens will be made into a 3D animated short. The length of this project will be 2-3 minutes. The film will be completed in 3D Maya. It will have a contrast look of style similar to the film Tekkon Kinkreet. The color palettes in this film are very interesting and eye-catching. I wish that by using them as my visual style, this short will capture more people’s attention.
The scenario in the story is an event that happens every day in our society either in internet, text books, televisions, or news papers. People with power are twisting the minds of others. The purpose of this film is to remind the audience that not every story we hear or see is the truth. Believe in what you believe, listen to the heart around the world instead of living a life in a cubical. Walk out the door and listen to the world and not the voice from a journalist.

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