Saturday, October 3, 2009

ITGM Environment for Games

Below is the current Project that I'm working on.

Level Concept Document
Back Story:
A Sewage Plant built in 1974 in Hill County, where everyone living in the area, was once very proud of the construction. Until 1985, it was abandoned when the government decided to build a much larger and better Sewage Plant in another location, in order to support a much bigger population. The abandoned plant was used as a bomb shelter or children’s playground. Due to many disappearances of children the place became a restricted area.

Game Play:
A whole abandoned underground sewage treatment plant divided into three parts: [Section A], [Section B], and [Section C].
You are the main character trying to find out why everyone is avoiding your next- door neighbor’s house. One day you decided to walk over and find out the truth behind the entire mystery. In your neighbor’s backyard you discover a storage room leading down to the basement, which is connected to the abandoned sewage plant on the other side of the wall. In the Control/Meeting room of [Section A] you discover that the door leading to [Section B] is locked. Searching around [Section A] you manage to find a crowbar hanging on the ladder of [1].
Slowly making your way into [Section B] and exploring this new section, a power supply box [6] is found. Once it’s turned on, the automatic door in [2] is set to a complete lock down for an hour. In this long hour you manage to make your way to [Section C] hoping that there’s another door leading you back to ground level; unfortunately, you encounter your missing neighbor.


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