Thursday, May 21, 2009

Project- Cross the road (Story)

Topic- Cross the road

Character- Tito is a fifth grade student about 11 years old. He is a quiet kid, but gets grumpy easily. He is proud of himself when he follows rules. He is unable to understand why it is so hard for others to follow the simple rules of life. He dreams about a perfect world where everyone follows the rules, but at the end he walked himself into a tragedy.


*Rules are meant to be broken that's why people break them!

Story (black humor)
It was a hot summer day. Not many people were out walking in this hot weather. Across the street the Pedestrian sign went from green to red. Tito stood still with an old lady across the street and waited for the light to turn green. A couple cars passed by a worker showed up next to Tito. A couple of seconds later, the worker crossed the street ignoring the stop sign. Tito talked to the old lady next to him unhappily while watching the man’s back slowly reaching the other end of the road. 
“Look, look at them go. These people already look ugly in the world, yet they still don’t follow the simple traffic rules. Clearly they are disturbing the public order and affecting the amenities of the city!” 
“These people should be lock up in the low life society and never let out!”
“Like pigs, best to stay inside the pig fence…” 
Not long after Tito finish talking to himself. The old lady with crutches starts to cross the street. 
A long pause from Tito, “…………….you got to be kidding me.” A dark side of him emerges from him wishing the old lady to get hit by a car. 
“These old farts, they should just stay lying on their bed and wait for their time to come, but instead, they risk their lives on this traffic light and give other people troubles!”
“They should be hit by a car right there just to reduce the burden of this country! Ha ha ha ha….” 
Mean while he talks to himself. “Looks like there aren’t many worthy people like me in this society… looks like the important role of building a future and making history…I will be the one to create them!” 
The pedestrian light turns green. Tito starts to cross the road proudly, all full of himself.
While Tito was so proud a truck came flying down. The truck honked him out of his happy moment. Tito thought it was the end of his life. The truck passed, he managed to jump out of the way. 
Tito all shaken looks up at the sign. It started to blink and then it went red. He realized he’s a step away to the other side. He looks back check the distant and thinking about what happened earlier on. Still following the rule he ran back to the other side as fast as possible but on the other side of the road a van came flying down and the edge of the car nailed the student’s back pack and dragged him off the screen.

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Jamie said...

Kirk Lazarus: I know who I am! I'm a dude playing a dude disgused as another dude!


I like that line too tho!

very fun!