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Character Development

Character Development- Character Description

Back Story

A grown up boy name Leohart, raised by a group of priest in Shumi Village. After the death of his mother (killed by the forest creatures), Leohart vowed to stop the madness of the Tree Gods by destroying them.

Leohart was born in a village called Closest to Heaven. A once a beautiful town with a gigantic shen-mu tree covering the entire village symbolizing the tree of hope. One day that hope vanished, 3 evil spirits possessed the three giant shen-mu trees around the world and claim themselves the Tree Gods, the tree god of sky, lake, and fire.

The tree God of Sky lives on a high plateau called Closest to Heaven, on a tall cliff close to the sky. He has the power to control the wind in the region. He releases his rage on the villagers by destroying their crops and houses.

The tree God of Lake lives in the Land of Lakes, a place of all lakes. It punishes the villagers by dripping poisonous liquid into the water to weaken the villagers.

The tree God of Fire lives in the land called Land of Hell, a volcanic area where no life can survive. He destroys the nearby land by slowly burning everything and eventually the entire village becomes part Hell.

It was after the evil spirit posses the village’s tree of hope when they began to take over the land. Leohart’s father and a group of male villager stood up and fight for their land. Leohart’s father asked the mother to take the 3-year-old Leohart and leave the village as far away as possible knowing there was no hope. After days of travel, not knowing which direction they had been going, Leohart and his mother came to a town called Shumi Village.

Tired and weary, the mother searched for a place to stay. At last she went to the church and begged for a place to stay. A group of properly dressed priests came by and invited them in and changed their clothes. After that they listened to her story and at the end let her and the child stay. There Leohart grew up living a whole new life not knowing who his father was.

Character Physiology

Gender- Male

Age- 23+

Skin tone- Tanned Asian (reff. Mugen- from Samurai Champloo)

Eye + hair color- Brown/ Medium brown mix black.

Height + weight- 6’11”/ 175lbs

Body type- Fit + bit skinny

Physical appearance- Handsome with a mean look.

Gestures- Cautious and guarded

Health- Well (healthy food)

Distinguishing marks and deformities- Catholic looking cross mark.

Facial expression- No doubts.

Character Sociology

Leohart was born in Closest to Heaven, a continent ruled by the Tree God of Sky. His father went missing when he was 3. Leohart and his mother left Closest to Heaven and traveled to Shumi Village. The only few villages left that hasn’t been ruled by the evil spirit.

In Shumi Village the family was invited to join the Catholic religion and where the church taught and trained Leohart everything about the religion, martial art, sword fight, spell… etc. everything there was to pass down to him.

Character Psychology

Leohart is now old enough to fight for justice. But at his current age he simply doesn’t care. He believes that everyone has their own way of living; there is no point to create conflict. Leohart pretty much doesn’t care about anything and lives his own life. He is a very easy going person that never once refused others’ requests, but he is hard to get in touch with due to overwhelmingly tight church schedule.

Leohart is very calm. He is a great listener with great observations, and great skills. He is recognized as one of the villager’s Heroes (protector).

Leohart is very intelligent but he didn’t care much about learning. Yet if he put his heart into something he loves he will memorize it instantly. However, there is one thing the church didn’t like about him, but couldn’t help it, and that is Leohart’s envy toward enemies that are stronger than him. He likes to feel the challenge, and this personality of his can only be seen in battle. The Priests thinks that it might be due to his current age, hoping eventually he will change when he gets older. So they let him stay that way.

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